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Marketing Communications


Automation and Robotics OEMs

Every company has untold stories 

that need to be told

Stories about successful installations, 

realized benefits and happy customers

What are your untold stories?

Who needs to hear them?

Let us tell your untold stories to the world

Bob Martel, MS, PE, PhD

B2B Technical Copywriter & MarCom Consultant

The Write Stuff, LLC


How Can I Help You?

I help companies in the  Industrial Automation and Ma​chinery industries grow their business by writing copy that positions them as the provider of choice in their targeted market and increases their RFP success rate.

If you are responsible for your company's marketing communications and can answer YES to any of the following questions, I can help you turbocharge your marketing KPI's.  Let's engage


                                       ​ QUESTIONS FOR YOU

1. Are you losing traction in building market share because potential customers aren't responding to your core message?

2. Are you dissatisfied with the number of inbound leads you are receiving and their conversion rate?

3. Do you have great customer success stories that have never been told?

4. Do you want more potential customers to engage and interact with your website content?

5. Are your marketing story and your sales story different stories?

6. Is your core marketing message buried in a technical webalog?

7. Do you need copy for a new product launch and your in-house staff is overloaded?

These are just some of the MarCom challenges that I can help you with.  To schedule a free 15 minute consultation on your most important MarCom challenge, contact Bob Martel at

860-338-3169  or

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