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Why Hire Us?

Why have you come to this page? Maybe….

- You need to have a clear and persuasive message                       communicated to a targeted audience – right now;

- You want to increase lead flow and customer engagement;

- You’re looking for that extra spark in your marketing
   copy that will put your sales numbers over the top;

- You need to update your website and produce new collateral materials for a marketing campaign and your in-house staff is overloaded;

- You’re just curious.

Whatever your reason, if you are responsible for your

company's MarCom, here are seven reasons you should

hire The Write Stuff, LLC to write copy for you.

As experienced, professional copywriters, we will:

1. Save You Time, Money and Stress 

Outsourcing to us will save you time. We will respond

quickly and move fast.

Our ability to produce copy quickly for a fixed price

will save you money.

Outsourcing to us will reduce your backlog, ensure that

deadlines will be met (or you don’t pay!) and free up your

staff to complete other projects.

Your life will be easier

2. Craft persuasive messages that motivate action

More hits, more clicks, more leads, more calls, more sales

3. Produce copy that meets your company standards and deliver it on time.

We have strong incentives to meet your standards and deadlines and have developed systems that enable us to work efficiently.

4. Make you and your company look good –

-by communicating compelling messages that position

your company as the provider of choice in your industry

5. Write for and engage a range of audiences and

appeal to multiple buying influencers in your

customer accounts.

You want everyone in the buying decision -- engineers,

accountants, purchasing agents, QA, ISO, operating,

maintenance and financial managers and top executives

-- as well as the end users -- to say YES.

6. Transform complex information into clear,

concise copy that is understood by anyone who reads it.

Not everyone who writes can do this well.  In addition to being

an MIT trained engineer, Bob Martel is a technical B2B Copywriter

and a master craftsman of MarCom campaigns and customer-centric

 sales copy. He's passionate about it and has been doing it for years.

You get Bob Martel.

7. Apply our cross-industry knowledge and experience to recommend the most effective way to reach your audience and deliver your message with impact

  • What time of year, month, week, day, will get the most attention?
  • What medium and appeal will generate the higher response rate in your market?
  • What is your ROMD (Return on Marketing Dollar)
  • What kind of campaigns give a good return on investment

Hiring The Write Stuff, LLC to produce your marketing

and sales copy is a good investment.

It’s even a better investment when we give you a risk-free guarantee:

 We will do the job right,

on time and within your budget,

or it's FREE

  We know of no other copywriter that makes this promise

You have to get it here

Let us help you grow your business by

telling your untold stories to the world

Get the Write Stuff Now!

Call 860-338-3169 to chat with Bob


Fill out and submit the form on the Contact Us page

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