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Who We Are

Bob Martel, MS, PE, PhD

CEO, The Write Stuff, LLC

A  Personal Message


Bob Martel

     I am a B2B technical copywriter  specializing in marketing communications for high-tech industrial OEMs.    I have over 30 years of professional experience in manufacturing, engineering, finance, marketing and sales.  I have been writing and editing technical, marketing and sales copy for over 20 years.

      Every company has untold stories that need to be told -- stories about how they have solved problems and created value for their clients. I find out what those stories are and tell them to the world, on the web and in print. 

     As an MIT-trained engineer and economist, I have a comparative advantage in writing for OEMs that have a strong technical content in what they manufacture and sell: Industrial Automation & Robotics, Machinery & Equipment, Motion Control, Electronic Systems & Instrumentation.

     One of my strengths is writing client-centered, solution-focused sales copy that appeals to multiple buying influencers in the B2B sales process.  My copy makes your customers want to buy from you rather than someone else.

     One of my specialties is writing and producing customer success stories that provide social proof of the benefits of my client's products and services.  I write stories that eliminate doubt and close sales.

When you hire The Write Stuff, LLC, I will be your lead copywriter. You will get the benefit of my years of experience in writing  technical content and sales copy for companies like yours.

My promise to you:                     

We will do the job right,

on time

and within your budget

or it's FREE!

I know of no other copywriter that makes this promise. 

 You have to get it here

Let Me Help You Grow Your Business


Telling Your Untold Stories To The World


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