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How We Work

Bob's Five-Step Copywriting Process

Every project is different, including lead times and deadlines. The following five steps describe a process that has proven to produce "A" copy of very high quality. Shorter lead times than those shown below may result in higher fees and lower quality of copy.

  • Download (1-2 days after engagement begins*)This usually consists of a 30-40 minute phone interview in which we define the objectives, parameters and scope of editorial/writing work to be done. I have about 20 questions to ask at this stage. I will also ask you to e-mail/fax/Fedex relevant documents to my office. Information obtained during this phase will be summarized in a Creative Brief which we will share. If more than one person in your organization is involved in the project, I will ask for a kick-off video conference call with everyone present.
  • Background Research (2-5 business days) I will read your background material, interview marketing managers, salespeople, product engineers, customers, your graphic designers and website developers, and strive for a consensus on the most effective marketing media and message for your product or service in the context of your present marketing program.
  • First Draft (10-14 business days) I will write a first draft of the new copy. I do this at my office on my equipment. Some follow-up calls or interviews may be necessary during this phase.
  • Review (5-10 business days) You review the first draft and suggest changes. If more than one person is involved, we will agree on a schedule with deadlines for each person. I will call you every week during this phase to check on progress and get feedback.
  • Revisions. (2-3 business days) Requested changes will be made and a final copy will be submitted. A maximum of two revisions is included in the initial fee quote. Additional revisions will be billed at $250 each. An authorized executive in your organization must sign off on approval of the final copy.

All copy will be delivered in Word documents, with suggestions for layout if applicable. I do not do graphic design or HTML, but have affiliated partners who can provide those services if needed.

*An engagement begins when my engagement letter has been signed by an authorized executive of your company and returned with your check for 50% of the estimated project fee. The balance will be due and payable upon approval of the final copy. If the project is terminated prior to the submission of final copy, a kill fee of 50% of the balance of the estimated project fee, plus any billings for extra revisions or other authorized work, will be due and payable immediately.

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